Sunday, June 13, 2010

With all the furnishings

We've spent the past few weeks unpacking and hanging all our curtains, pictures, shelves, etc. as well as putting together a few IKEA things we're adding to the new house. So finally, I have a few photos to share.

Welcome to our new house...

Our numbers, mailbox and porch light look very nice:

Here are the wonderful under-the-stairs bookshelves, now full of books:

The living room:

Dining room:

Kitchen, with the awesome black subway tile now complete:

The office:

Stuart's side:

My side:

My craft desk:

The mud room, which is Pippen's domain during the day:

Our awesome garage storage shelves from IKEA:

Moving upstairs, here's the hallway:

This is the guest bedroom. Pippen kind of thinks it's his, so you might have to fight him for it when you visit:

Guest bathroom:

We quickly filled up our amazing master bedroom closet:

Master bathroom:

Master bedroom, which includes my writing desk:

That's all for now. Some great things have been happening outside the house as well. I'll get some more photos and share them soon.

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  1. What a comfortable looking place! It looks like home sweet home