Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting closer

As I said in the last few posts, were are getting very close to finishing the house. We will likely be moving in sometime in the next two weeks. Right now, the builders are working on the last details, both inside and out.
On our front porch, they installed Trex composite decking for our steps and the floor. The decking is made out of recycled plastic bags and will last for a really long time. We chose a dark brown color to match our windows and some of our trim.

Inside, we now have a kitchen faucet from Moen. It's stainless steel and includes a pull-down sprayer.

Also in the kitchen, the builders have started putting up our tile backsplash. We chose black subway tiles, and they will have white grout. We chose the same type of tile, but in white, for our upstairs bathrooms. That will be installed soon.

 Door handles have also been installed both inside and outside. We have the same handle on all the inner doors, in brushed nickel.

And here are the outside door handles, in a very dark brown.

Finally, all our new concrete has been poured for the sidewalk and for our driveway strips. You may recall I talked about having strips rather than a full driveway, because it helps prevent lots of runoff going into the sewers.

The final details left to finish inside include the rest of the tiling, installation of bathroom mirrors, another buffing of the wood floors, and a few more outlets to be added. Outside, the builders will add a railing to our porch, and they will install a backyard fence -- a necessity to keep Pippen in!


  1. Sarah, it looks great! I love the black subway tile backsplash. Very sleek! And the driveway strips look great. I can't wait to see the house once y'all have moved and settled in. Keep the updates coming! Times are tough down here in Louisiana. We're practically swimming in runaway oil. Please keep us in your thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Crystal! Good luck with everything down there. I hope things improve soon.