Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things are getting colorful

The painters have been extremely busy this week. They are almost done painting the outside of the house, and they added all our inside room colors. If you have been in our current home, you know that we like bold wall colors, and this is definitely true in the new house as well.

Before I get to the photos, I wanted to share a short marketing-oriented article about our house from GreenFiber, the makers of our blow-in insulation. It's more about their product, but it's still kind of neat to read their view of our project:

On to the colors. Outside, the painters are almost finished. They added our brown accent color to the gable ends of the house, and this color is repeated on our garage doors and the front door:

Inside the great room, we went with a green that is very similar to the green in our current living room. This same green is repeated in one of the smaller upstairs bedrooms. All our inside paint is low-VOC. We used Rodda's Horizon line.

Here you can also see our finished stair railings:

The office is medium blue, and this same color is also used in the master bathroom and one of the smaller upstairs bedrooms:

The third inside color we chose was yellow, for the mud room and the laundry room:

Finally, we have a lighter blue in the master bedroom and in two of the bathrooms:

If you looked closely at those photos of the kitchen and laundry room, you may have noticed that our Formica counter tops have arrived! In the kitchen, we chose a dark gray with lighter gray flecks:

The laundry room has an off-white counter with a subtle pattern:

And both upstairs bathrooms have white counters with gray flecks:

One last thing: What's that happening up on the roof? It's the beginnings of our awesome solar water heater:

There are many other great changes in store for this week: linoleum flooring in the bathrooms, mud room and laundry room; carpeting upstairs; and the arrival of our stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

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  1. I LOVE the blue for the outside, and the inside it's looking amazing!