Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off the charts

Our heat pump was installed yesterday.  Like most air-source heat pumps, there are two segments.  The outside part:

And the inside part (top right):

As you can see, both units are quite small.  It does not take much equipment to heat and cool a house that is this efficient.  Rather than have the inside part in a crawl space or mechanical room pumping air into leaky ductwork, our unit draws air directly into the unit and spits it right back out.  No ducts, no leaks.

Here are a couple more shots of the exterior unit:

Now check out the efficiency ratings:

That's right, our heat pump is literally off the charts in terms of efficiency.  They need to make some longer bars on that sticker.

Finally, our light fixtures are starting to go up.  Below are the sconces in the living room.  They belong to the same collection as the pendants and chandelier.


  1. Wow!
    Looks like you have a 2-level home. Does the 1 indoor unit really take care of the whole house?

  2. Seeker,
    You bet it does. The house is so well sealed and insulated that only a very small unit is required to condition it. Air does move around a lot in a house, and we also have a ventilation system that helps mix air.

    Keep in mind that the heat pump will rarely turn on. Once the house gets to the desired temperature, it will stay at that temp. The heat pump will make small tweaks here and there, but there won't be a constant blast of hot or cold air that needs to be spread around the house. Pretty neat, eh?