Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1-year Blogiversary

It's hard to believe, but we started this blog one year ago today.  In our first day of blog posts, we shared our preliminary floor plans -- there have been significant changes since then.  At that time we could barely imagine what the house might look like, and now we're practically ready to move in.  It's been fun seeing the project develop.

Enough nostalgia -- here are a few photos of what's been happening this week.

The painters are prepping the areas to be stained and clear-coated.

All of the doors and drawers get removed and set aside.

Blake made some gooseneck light arms from regular 1/2-inch pipe!  Well done, sir!  They really look awesome, and they're going to be perfect above our garage doors.

The lights will be primed and painted the color of our roof/windows/rafter tails.

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