Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little updates make a big difference

Having cabinets strewn about the great room is one thing, but having them hung in place is something else entirely.

Gary Burton, our cabinet maker, has been busy installing, leveling, trimming, and tweaking the cabinets all over the house.  The entertainment center is now in place against the wall.

Abby approves.

The kitchen island is now mostly in place.  We have a small island in our current house, and the long dimension from the old island is the same as the short dimension of the new island.  In other words, this new island is big.

We had some extra room in the island to add bookshelves.  You can also see the corner of the bar seating, which should seat three.

Upstairs the laundry room cabinets are in place.

We have built in pedestals for the washer and dryer, including a big drawer under each.

And there is plenty of storage above and below the counter at the other end.

Tom Ricks, our carpenter, has also been busy.  Door trim is up all over the house.  The stairs and bookshelf in the great room are fleshed out.

The closet under the stairs has a few details now.

And my favorite part of the house, the cell phone alcove in the downstairs hallway, was given a miniature version of the window trim.

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