Saturday, November 7, 2009

Story breaks

This week, our builders created our story breaks -- overhangs along the length of the sides of the house, at porch roof level. They serve two purposes: to help provide shade for the downstairs windows during summer, and to break up the view of the giant two-story wall. With the overhang, we think it really helps with the aesthetics on the sides of the house by providing a visual break that makes the wall not look so large. Here are some photos to explain.

The view from the north side of the house. The story break basically extends the porch roof down the sides of the house.

The view from the street as you drive by.

Here you can see both the story break overhang, and the overhang of the roof above (the dark brown rafter tails on the left). Those rafters were painted this week -- they are a nice dark brown that will match the color of the roof.

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