Saturday, November 21, 2009

Power up

The electricians came over to the house this week and started doing the wiring for lights and outlets. We also have a front door now, and our windows have arrived, although they are not installed yet. Also, our roofing material is here, although it is not yet installed. Soon the house will actually be sealed up.

Here is our new front door. It has a fancy five-point lock system that will make it extra secure and also provides a tighter seal to prevent air flow around the edges of the closed door.

Welcome to our home!

On the left is a light switch box for our living room and porch lights. The blue box higher on the wall is for one of our wall sconce lights. We will have two sconce lights in the living room, as well as several overhead recessed lights.

These are three of our kitchen lights, which are recessed.

Here's another light switch box. This one is for hall, kitchen and living room light switches.

Here is our breaker panel in the garage.

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