Saturday, September 26, 2009

Salem Green + Solar Home Tour

Stuart and I are excited that our new house is going to be on the Salem Green + Solar Home Tour, which happens next weekend, Oct. 3. Yes, you read that right -- we'll be on the tour in just a week, even though our house is not complete. The organizers were intrigued by our Passive House design and thought that having the house on the tour while it's still under construction would give people a chance to better see how the design works.

I'm hoping to also get the chance to check out some of the other homes on the tour, because I want to see what other interesting green projects are happening in Salem. If you want more details about the tour, go to the Events section of the Pringle Creek Community website.

There may also be a preview article in the Statesman Journal sometime next week, and we might be mentioned. Look for that as well.

If you live in Salem, come check out our project and the other great green homes in town!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    It great to hear that you are building a passive home. So are we! We live in West Linn, Oregon. See our blog at
    We will follow your blog with great interest! Mitzi

  2. Hi Mitzi - Thanks for commenting. I'm so excited to hear about other Passive House projects in Oregon! I think the concept makes a lot of sense and I really want to see it catch on more in the U.S. Your experience is the opposite of ours -- you knew you wanted a Passive House and then had to find a builder, whereas we had never heard of Passive Houses before our builder told us about them. I also look forward to reading your blog. :-)