Saturday, March 14, 2009

3D model

Here is a screenshot of our house model in Google SketchUp. If you follow the links in the previous post you can install it and load up our house. Obviously this is an early draft - it's a bit hard to get into the house right now.


  1. I just wanted to note that our house will have windows - this is just a model of the shape. :-)

  2. Good to know that you like windows. Doors work well too! Seriously, the porch is great. Thanks for keeping the web site up. Your new home is looking great!


  3. Hey, your porch looks like my porch! Cute lil' matching houses :)

  4. Mom: I'm glad you like the house! You can probably tell that we're really excited about it. I can't wait until you can come visit us in it.

    Steph: Porch buddies! Our porches will call each other and wear matching colors and invent a secret handshake and run off together never to be seen again except on milk cartons and fliers stuck to telephone poles. Reward: call w/ info